Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Welcome to my blog >:)

Howdy folks!! This is my first blog post! To start off the celebration, let me give you an idea of what I'll be writing about and who my audience is intended to be. First off, this blog is meant for music lovers...and by music lovers, I mean actual MUSIC! You won't find any reviews of the latest Taylor Swift, Kanye West, Fall Out Boy, Lil Wayne, 50 Cent, Blink 182, or any other shit mongerers' albums here.

I will review releases from both indie label artists and also from unsigned artists. I will review shows and concerts by both indie label artists and also from unsigned artists. BUT, and this is a big BUT......I will be honest in my reviews! If I go to a show and one or more of the bands suck, I will not hesitate to say so! So be forewarned shitty local bands! You made it to MySpace, you made it to a gazillion friends on MySpace, but you will not make it past My Fucking Space.....unless you are actually talented and create music worth listening to.

Due to the MySpacien age, the music "scene" is cluttered.....ahem.....CLUSTERFUCKED with shitty bands. Apparently, anybody with a cheap ProTools setup, a guitar and a disillusioned dream can post earache inducing crap on MySpace with which they can then spam the shit out of me with. So, look forward to reviews of actual GOOD music both from indie label artists AND from unsigned bands.

I also have a tendency to rant about random shit, which sometimes might not have anything to do with music, but I will try my best to stay on topic.

If you have a band that you would like to be reviewed, or if you are in a local band and would like to be reviewed then either send me a demo (email me and I'll give you an address to send it to) or send me your/their......sigh......MySpace page and I'll check it out

Either way, if you are out there, I will find you!

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